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Remote Monitoring

Climate – Meteorology Station

Climate Meteorology Station A climate-meteorology station is a measurement device used to monitor and record the physical conditions of the atmosphere. These stations measure and record various meteorological parameters using various sensors. These measured parameters include temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, humidity, type and intensity of precipitation, among others. Each sensor is designed to […]

How Does a Soil Moisture Sensors Work?

What is the Soil Moisture Sensor? Soil moisture sensors are devices used in the measurement and monitoring of moisture levels in the soil. These sensors meticulously measure and continuously monitor the moisture levels within the soil, allowing for irrigation to be conducted based on the specific water needs of plants. When the soil becomes dry, […]

Smart Irrigation Systems in Large Agricultural Lands

Smart Irrigation Systems in Large Agricultural Lands Smart irrigation solutions in the agriculture sector offer a modern approach that enhances efficiency compared to traditional irrigation methods. In large agricultural areas, the optimal use of water resources and irrigation tailored to the water needs of plants are of great importance. Smart irrigation systems integrate sensors, data […]

Digital Solutions in Greenhouse Areas

Digital Solutions in Greenhouse Areas Digital solutions in greenhouse areas enable the end-to-end management of greenhouses. Greenhouse automation systems are technological solutions used to automate various processes within the greenhouse, with the aim of increasing agricultural productivity, providing energy savings, and facilitating operational management. These systems include a range of sensors, control units, actuators, and […]

Chicken Coop Tracking System and Remote Monitoring

Chicken Coop Tracking System and Remote Monitoring What is a coop tracking system and remote monitoring? Through sensors, it is the real-time reporting of data such as temperature, humidity, air flow, negative pressure, carbon dioxide, water consumption video image, and mobility tracking, and remotely monitoring via web and mobile applications, with an alarm system informing […]

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