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Smart Irrigation

The use of smart irrigation systems consisting of wireless and wired automatic valve control, sensors and various irrigation methods is becoming increasingly common. Developing technology and the decrease in water resources have pushed farmers to seek more efficient irrigation methods.

Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation Agricultural irrigation is the process of artificially providing water to the soil when there is not enough water available for plants. With agricultural irrigation, plants receive sufficient water, which in turn increases yield and quality. Agricultural irrigation methods, such as surface, overhead, drip, underground, solar-powered, or combined systems, may vary depending on factors […]

Wireless Irrigation Controller

Wireless Irrigation Controller Wireless Irrigation Controller, We provide solutions that allow you to control your irrigation areas much more easily with our valves and sensors that are completely battery powered and do not require wiring. With our wireless irrigation control solutions, wireless battery-operated valve control systems, and wireless battery-powered soil moisture sensors, we enable you […]

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