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Switch to Smart Technologies for Efficient and Sustainable Pool Filling!

Optimize your pool filling processes and save energy by switching to Esular’s smart technologies! With smart sensors and control units, you can monitor and manage water levels, pressure, and flow in real-time. Equipped with wireless communication infrastructure, these systems prevent water waste and reduce your energy costs by up to 30%. Choose Esular’s innovative solutions for sustainable water management and high efficiency, and take your pool filling processes into the future. Discover these smart technologies now and transform your water management!


“Monitor your pools in real-time with Esular’s smart pool filling control system. Our wireless sensors allow you to track critical parameters such as water level, pressure, and flow in real-time. This data is collected on a central platform, making it easy to monitor and analyze. Receive instant notifications to stay informed of any anomalies immediately.”


“The data we collect is continuously analyzed by our AI-powered software. These analyses help develop strategies to enhance the performance and efficiency of your pool filling processes. Smart algorithms optimize your water and energy usage, ensuring the most efficient use of your resources. The learning process continuously improves your system according to your future needs.”


“Manage your system easily from anywhere with our user-friendly web interface and mobile applications. You can remotely control pumps and valves, adjust frequencies, and perform all other operations. Optimize your energy consumption and water usage to reduce costs and achieve sustainable water management. Keep your pool filling processes under complete control with Esular’s smart solutions.”

"The Future of Management"

"We Fill Your Pools with Smart Technology: Monitoring Water Resources, Learning from Sensor Data, and Ensuring Sustainable Management"

"Who Needs Pool Filling Solutions?"

  • – Agricultural and Irrigation Enterprises
    – Industrial Facilities
    – Hotels and Resorts
    – Sports Complexes
    – Water Parks and Amusement Centers
    – Municipal and Public Institutions
    – Educational Institutions (school and university pools)
    – Private Residences and Villas
    – Health and Spa Centers
    – Golf Courses and Clubs

esular Wireless, Battery-Powered, and Smart Water Management System

Use Esular in Your Next Water Management Project

Download the Esular App Now and Optimize Your Water Management!

Take your water management to the next level with the Esular app! Equipped with smart pool filling control systems and real-time data monitoring features, this innovative app prevents water waste and reduces your energy costs by up to 30%. Monitor pool levels, pressure, and flow in real-time, learn from sensor data, and easily manage your entire system. Download the Esular app now for sustainable water management and fill your pools most efficiently. Click now for more information and discover Esular’s smart solutions!

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Smart Pool Filling with Esular: The Future of Sustainable Water Management

Our Areas of Activity

Application Areas of Esular Smart Automatic Irrigation System

We reduce your costs with drip irrigation automation in areas where water resources are scarce. With wirelessly controllable hydraulic valves, water is distributed evenly to every point of the field, all controlled from a single point.

We automate irrigation management in modern greenhouses to maintain desired production levels, improve product quality, and keep pH balance under control.

We enable you to use and manage the world’s most valuable resource in the most efficient way across all your agricultural lands without the need for wiring or external power sources. Whether you set your own irrigation scenarios or opt for fully automatic irrigation, we’ve got you covered.

We make valves smart in landscape irrigation, providing more efficient and effective watering. With remotely controllable valves and scenarios that can be updated remotely, you have full control.

In golf and football fields, flow rate and pressure values are controlled to ensure uniform irrigation. All valves and pumps can be remotely controlled without the need for wiring.

Akıllı sulama şehir projeleri

Smart Cities

In smart city applications, we ensure timely and desired irrigation of areas using wireless sensors powered by built-in batteries lasting over 10 years. Say goodbye to sprinklers that run even when it rains.

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