Wireless Irrigation Controller

Wireless Irrigation Controller, We provide solutions that allow you to control your irrigation areas much more easily with our valves and sensors that are completely battery powered and do not require wiring. With our wireless irrigation control solutions, wireless battery-operated valve control systems, and wireless battery-powered soil moisture sensors, we enable you to manage your irrigation zones much more effectively.


Importance of Esular's Innovative Wireless Valve Control to Farmers

Esular’s innovative wireless valve control system allows you to make your agricultural irrigation zones smart. The biggest problem in agricultural areas is that energy and cabling are costly and impractical. Our irrigation management system, which we have developed as esular, is completely wireless. Performing valve controls and collecting sensor data to perform irrigation is done completely wirelessly.

The Benefits of Our Innovative Wireless Valve Control

One Time Installation: Once installed, no plumbing is required to operate the device. It can be adjusted quickly and easily.

Consistently Better Performance: Our smart valves have a wide variety of effect settings. It prevents interruption of water distribution at all pressure settings.

High Water Pressure Balance: It eliminates excessive consumption due to high pressure, saves water especially in facilities without pressure reducer or flow regulator.

Provides Energy and Water Savings: Our smart valves provide significant energy savings as they will reduce the pump load and be used effectively and efficiently. It also prevents unnecessary water use.

With the Help of Esular's Innovative Wireless Valve Control, Some of These Frequently Asked Questions Can Be Easily Answered:

    • Is it suitable for all terrain types, large, medium, small?

    • Can I run it easily from anywhere I want?

    • Does it save electricity due to the necessary and effective use of the pump?

    • Will I be able to get feedback on changes in irrigation?

    • Is it easy to install?

    • Is it necessary for a sustainable agriculture?

Thanks to the wireless smart valve control we have developed to support a sustainable agriculture and farmers and help them increase their productivity, we provide solutions to all of the above questions and help farmers maximize their income by providing the best performance.

Wireless Irrigation Controller

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