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Chicken Coop Tracking System and Remote Monitoring


Chicken Coop Tracking System and Remote Monitoring

What is a coop tracking system and remote monitoring? Through sensors, it is the real-time reporting of data such as temperature, humidity, air flow, negative pressure, carbon dioxide, water consumption video image, and mobility tracking, and remotely monitoring via web and mobile applications, with an alarm system informing in case of a possible situation.

In poultry farming, collecting data through sensors and managing them is crucial; the only criterion is not just to prevent animal deaths, but also to establish the right temperature and humidity balance in the coops for productivity. Since the system takes measurements without any problems, it provides alerts (SMS, email) to help maintain the correct values according to the breed and age of the flock.

Some of the measurable values include:

  • Temperature value
  • Humidity value
  • Carbon dioxide value
  • Water Consumption
  • Monitoring

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Coops

Our temperature and humidity monitoring product Monitoring temperature and humidity in coops is important for maintaining the ideal environment for poultry. Adjusting temperature and humidity levels constantly in the coop environment is a factor that increases quality, production quantity, and profitability in egg production. Improving the conditions where the animals live directly affects their health and production quality. Temperature and humidity monitoring devices are essential for preventing animal deaths and maintaining animal health. Monitoring temperature and humidity 24/7 with the help of sensors, reporting temperature and humidity values, and maintaining a continuous ideal level helps to protect the quality standard with the assistance of web and mobile applications.


Coop Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Monitoring carbon dioxide in coops is becoming increasingly important as chicken coops continue to grow in size and production costs increase. Due to the growth of coops and the resulting increase in chicken density, the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment also increases. It is necessary to maintain carbon dioxide at an optimum level for animal health and productivity. Innovative sensors allow for continuous tracking of carbon dioxide levels, ensuring proper and balanced ventilation.


Monitoring Water Consumption in Coops

Monitoring water consumption in coops is done using a water flow sensor. Keeping track of water consumption and detecting abnormal increases and decreases provide valuable insights into the health and performance of the flock.

Coop Alarm and Reporting System

The coop alarm and reporting system maintains all the necessary values at an optimum level within the coop, thanks to the sensors used. The collected data is saved on a server via the internet, analyzed, and reported. In case of extraordinary situations, the system alerts the user.

Chicken Coop Tracking System and Remote Monitoring

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