Precise Irrigation Optimization with Soil Moisture Sensor

With our Wireless, Battery-powered Smart Soil Moisture Sensor and Smart Algorithms, We Reduce Water Use and Increase Efficiency in Agricultural Production.

We measure the moisture values of different types of soils gradually and from multiple points, and by supporting them with artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, we provide effective irrigation optimization and increase efficiency in production.

  • 1- Wireless battery-powered communication, sensor and irrigation automation infrastructure

    We offer smart hardware and sensor products that allow easy installation in the field, along with fully internal battery-powered sensors, valves and equipment. We provide structure that can be used anywhere and in any way.

  • 2- Cloud-based web and mobile application supported management software

    We offer easy access thanks to software solutions that are easy to use from anywhere and in any way. Thanks to its very smart structure, we can offer very easy use with a few minor adjustments. We design it for everyone to use.

  • 3-Intelligent algorithms and sensor solutions

    We digitize agriculture with our solutions that include many smart features such as soil moisture, precipitation amount, pressure and flow. While providing maximum efficiency with different types of sensors and algorithm support, we increase the savings and increase the product yield. We carry the whole load with its smart structure that is always ready for everything.

  • 4- Easy application that does not require coding and complex installation

    We have designed a solution that can be used anywhere, from the smallest to the largest. Our software and hardware solutions, which are easy to install and can be used without coding, are suitable for everyone's use. We aim to offer the best solution for everyone at every stage.

We Develop Precision Agriculture Solutions with Smart Algorithms

Çok noktadan kablosuz sulama otomasyonu
Sensör verilleri ile akıllı sulama
  • Precision Agriculture Solutions

    We provide effective control by processing the necessary sensor data for precision agriculture. We offer effective management thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence support.

  • Different Sensor Options

    We provide effective agricultural management with our solutions that evaluate many different sensor data such as soil moisture, weather, meteorological data, pressure, flow, pool level.

  • Smart Sensors

    We provide precision agriculture applications thanks to the smart features we offer in both in-sensor and cloud-based software. We provide predictive and efficient irrigation.

  • Easy Rescaling

    You can easily add new sensors to the system within 5 minutes. We provide easy addition and removal without the need for reconfiguration.


Advanced and Innovative Features

Wireless Control

Wireless communication up to 10 km

Battery Operated

Valve, sensor and collection units are all powered by internal batteries. 10+ years of battery life


Waterproof construction with IP68 box. Offers long service life


Seamless operation with powerful hardware, software, servers and applications

Kablosuz toprak nem sensörü

Smart Control

Intelligent control structure supported by sensors and data

Mobile Compatibility

Easy and practical control with mobile application

Offline Work

Working without internet with configurable scenarios

Warning and Notification

Alerts you with alarms and notifications in important situations

With Advanced Software Solutions, We Provide Not Only Monitoring, but Control of the Entire Irrigation Process

Sensör verilleri ile akıllı sulama
  • Irrigation Optimization

    We save water with smart algorithms and continuously learning machine-learning software.

  • Yield Increase

    By providing irrigation in the most efficient way and as much as the plants need, we provide an increase in plant development and plant production.

  • Irrigation Quality Monitoring

    In drip irrigation and sprint irrigation systems, we provide verification and control that water is supplied correctly and there is no problem in the irrigation system.

  • Multipoint Control

    Thanks to its wireless and battery-powered structure, it provides monitoring and management from multiple points. Allows rapid sensor addition and rescaling.

Our Activity Areas

esular smart automatic irrigation system application areas

We reduce your costs with drip irrigation automation in places where water resources are scarce. Thanks to the wireless controllable hydraulic valves, water is distributed equally to each point of the land and all are controlled from a single point.

We automate irrigation management in modern greenhouses in order to keep greenhouse production at the desired level, improve product quality and keep pH balance under control.

We enable you to use and manage the world’s most valuable resource in the most efficient way, without the need for cabling and external power supply in all your agricultural lands. Whether you define your irrigation scenario or perform fully automatic irrigation

By making the valves smart in landscape irrigation, we provide more efficient and effective irrigation. All control is in your hands with remote controllable valves and remotely updated scenarios


A homogeneous irrigation is ensured by controlling the flow and pressure values in golf and football fields. All valves and pumps can be remotely controlled without pulling cables


Akıllı sulama şehir projeleri

Smart Cities

In smart city applications, we ensure that irrigation zones are irrigated on time and as desired, with sensors that can operate wirelessly and with internal batteries for more than 10+ years. No more sprinklers that water when it rains

Smart Irrigation Assistant

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